Planetary Time

Astronomy Picture of The Day: Solstice 2016 Sunrise at Stonehenge


Last night we had a full moon that coincided with Summer Solstice for the first time since my first summer of life, 1967.  And it may well be the last time a full moon coincides with June Solstice during my life on Earth, since the next time it is projected to happen will be 2062.  I’d need to live to 95 and I really don’t know what life on Earth will be by then or whether I’ll be around to see it.

I could make it my life purpose to live that long and see that moon in 2062, but the sky might be cloudy.  Would I have the physical health and money to fly to somewhere not cloudy?  One thing I can guarantee is I will be one eccentric person regardless of where I see the moon.

It’s overcast and cool where I am right now.  But I love Solstices for their reminders of planetary and universal time, because it zooms me out of my little sense of “self,” evaporates all my “problems,” and allows me to consider a larger scale of the flash of existence everything in this very moment is.

Slowest sunsets occur around Summer Solstice, so this gives me a great reminder to step away from the screen and be an audience participant on cloudless days.


I nearly fell off my chair with planetary excitement (I’m easily amused) at discovering this celestial pattern.  It’s absolutely brilliant, and I applaud the woman who went to such lengths to design the night sky in something you can wrap around you on a cool evening.  I intend to make it once I have completed the three projects I’m currently working on.

Here’s the version of Celestarium pattern on Ravelry.

Now, off to complete a blanket design of multicolored rectangles for my kiddo by the time she graduates high school to take with her through life.  A sort of Tetris of love. Three years is the kind of runway my projects tend to need, with the pesky distraction of working seven days a week.  Congrats to her and all her peers for never having to go through freshman year of high school again.  Woohoo!   Let the summer resting begin.


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