Historical Context

I believe in lifelong learning. So I have been collecting a reading list to give myself some historical context as an antidote to the deep disturbance I feel by the trends I see in my national discourse. Possibly I am extra sensitive to the power that rhetoric can have in society because my ancestors fled Germany during WWII. But I try to maintain hope amid the disbelief I have at some statements I am hearing (and the public support I see for those statements) that go beyond an issue of “political correctness.” It’s an issue of humanness.

Along those lines, I encountered a most powerful TED talk.


Reading list including people not in my American history books. If you click on the images, it should take you to a link. Then again, there’s always the library.

I could not believe I had never heard of this person:

Pauli Murray Autobiography

A Pulitzer winner:


Then there’s a whole slew of women authors coming out with historical analysis of how social programs that were thought to be helpful actually contributed to what we see today.

The First Civil Right, Naomi Murakawa

Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State, Megan Ming Francis 



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