Love and Sadness

“Maybe they’re going to need to leave the flag at half staff for a long time.” ~ my teen

Lots of pain these days reflected in the world. Sometimes the tears come when you least expect it, because one event touches your heart more than another, or one piece of news reaches you when you least can hold it. What to do.

Not only do I practice tonglen, holding pain and sending love, peace, calm with each and every suffering that crosses my path, but I also try to practice appreciation of whatever evidence of love, peace and calm I see. Sometimes I fail to notice.

For example, I had completely forgotten about the existence of SNOJ (super novas of joy) until I dropped kiddo off at Camp Goodtimes this week.

Here’s a little SNOJ for you all from a couple years back:

I have been ruminating about turning 50 by year’s end. So I asked myself, what can I do that I have not yet done that will put an end to my whining to self about deteriorating from a marathon walker to a flat-out blob over past months of working 70-hour weeks sitting on my buttinski and feeling that slow burn of depression?  The answer:

I’ll definitely be among the last to reach the top and no one better put a photo of my legs in a video, but it’s NOT a race.  I’ve got 3 months to train.

The Space Needle was built for Seattle’s 1962 World Fair during which my mom remembers making deli sandwiches in the food pavilion as a teen.  If you would like a jaw-dropping glimpse of the builders at that time – without harnesses!!!! check this out:  Stunning photos capture the workers


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