Not So Polarized

A tension is in the air ahead of the US elections and with the expression of extremes.  Polarized is the number one word I see to describe these times politically and socially.

One thing I find especially helpful now is to reflect on how every single person and every single event we encounter in life has a lot more truth underneath than the tip of the iceberg we can see.  We like for things to be simple.  Black and white.  Nothing is simple.  Except maybe the impulse to live.  We need people now who understand nothing is at it seems at first glance.

I remind myself often these days of the nature of reality being cause and effect rather than whatever judgment we place on it.  So the only power I truly have is to live and learn the best way I can in order that my effects on the world are helpful rather than harmful.

I had never heard of Peter Norman until today, but I am inspired by his story.  He was so poor that sports he wanted to participate in were unavailable to him, and the first time he had access to a real track surface was at the Olympics.  I see echoes today in the story of this moment in the 1968 Olympics where by the end of their lives, three people ended up believing they were put on Earth simply for this moment.


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