Not Alone

“When people ask me how best to give someone permission to die, I tell them to imagine themselves standing by the bedside of the person they love and saying with the deepest and most sincere tenderness: ‘I am here with you and I love you. You are dying, and that is completely natural; it happens to everyone. I wish you could stay here with me, but I don’t want you to suffer any more. The time we have had together has been enough, and I shall always cherish it. Please now don’t hold onto life any longer. Let go. I give you my full and heartfelt permission to die. You are not alone, now or ever. You have all my love.'”  ~ Sogyal Rinpoche


Holding the transition of someone dear to me in my heart, I closed my eyes and opened a spiritual text. I looked down at the paragraph (above quote) where my finger landed.

I decided to post this today because a beautiful offering is happening in a few weeks for anyone interested in working with grief.

Poetic Path of GriefWeekend Intensive- Nov. 4th-6th
Begins Friday at 7 pm and ends Sunday at 4 pm
Story House, Clinton WA.
We believe in the power of being present to our grief and allowing it to transform our lives.

This weekend intensive program offers a deep dive into grief education, powerful poetry to help you access your feelings and emotions, tasks in nature, as well as time for sharing and support.

You will be guided through 10 touchstones for understanding your grief and 10 transformational poems that will take you on a journey of inner exploration and discovery. Nature and silence are also woven into our time together.

Throughout the weekend you will experience the touchstones more deeply through ceremony, art, solo reflection, and sharing.

Something amazing happens when we sit in circle and share. Offering our light and stories to each other, a miraculous thing happens when we learn and witness one another.

For more information and to register, contact:
Charlene Ray at
Mark Lucero at

In addition, a book soon available about a mom’s journey to help her daughter die well crossed my path during my work:

Wild And Precious Life



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