Being The Pendulum in Crazy Times

What can feel like a global meltdown in some ways has given me great opportunity to practice how I interpret the input.  I feel like we’ve all memorized the list: Global terrorism, climate change with destructive storms, unprecedented 65 million refugees, one third of those children, tenuous relationships among world leaders, failing infrastructure and economic and racial tensions.  Meanwhile, people go about working day in, day out, feeding their families, and taking their kids to school.

Wikipedia offers this open source diagram of a pendulum, which at first glance involves a guy named Bob and a guy named Rod. Nope. Just pendulum parts.  Point is, we can practice returning to the equilibrium position whenever the input gets overwhelming.


Taking brief moments throughout your day to remind yourself you have a center is a great way to weather these times.

Especially with all the input I get working in media, I find it helpful to envision that I am a pendulum. I can listen to Hillary. I can listen to Donald. I can find my center.  I can listen to Michelle and hear something that feels like my equilibrium.  Regardless what you think of Hillary, Michelle has definitely come into her own as a speaker.

Here’s one outside perspective:

“There’s profit in saying the world is coming to an end.”

Nutrition Support


My sister sent me this card this week that made my day. I’ve linked the image to its parent company in order to give credit where credit is due.

The image dovetails with another way I find my center.  By practicing plant-based diet and making sure I take daily vitamin B’s and vitamin D supplement.  (I say practicing because after three years without dairy, I’m still trying to give up milk chocolate chips and occasional eggs).  For those who live in a low-sun region like I do, and/or earn a living in front of a computer screen, vitamin D is super helpful.  Should anyone want more than enough information about the benefits of all of the above, the resource below is chock full.





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