It’s All Protein

“It’s all protein,” the conclusion my daughter has arrived at in her AP Biology class.

These building blocks of life statements are about all I can remember from my own AP Biology class 34 years ago. I assume most parents can relate to a child asking for help with something the parental brain stored in the distant past. Talk about data storage. There should be an app for that. I stare blankly most of the time she asks for homework help before she gives up and goes elsewhere with technology or scientist family members to find answers. She asks less and less often, and thankfully she has abundant resources other than Mom.

Lately some fascinating information has crossed my path that shows protein may be the building block of the future too.

People are designing proteins in the lab and probably have been doing so for some time while I’ve been blissfully ignorant, but for me learning this was a Wow! moment.

Now that the human genome project has intersected with digital computation, intersected with further understanding disease processes and the human immune system, there is an exciting field of bioengineering that designs brand new proteins to disrupt diseases.

In addition, data storage is a few years away from widely being stored on synthetic DNA. DNA is not a protein, but a building block of it, and certainly a building block of us humans. Mind-blowing stuff.

Much of this ground-breaking research is taking place in my neck of the woods in and around Seattle, so I decided to mention it here. Not that I have anything to do with all the hubbub, holding down my little bit of DNA chain.



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