My Rube Goldberg Moment

My brilliant dwarf hamster escaped its cage this week for 24 hours.

Which led me to vacuum and sort through ancient belongings in the entire basement, thinking that would draw her out.

Which led me to find an old photo album from my late 20s.

Which led me to remember how passionate I was about cultural diversity during a 5-year period of life when I had a strong network of friends. Every photo included people from at least seven different countries and seven different skin tones, some of whom I lived with under the same roof, cooked with, and learned from.

This got me to thinking about all the issues under the radar in the political blather. Especially when the KKK in its present-day form publicly endorses a presidential candidate, it feels super important to voice the opinion that diversity matters. That diversity in human society is as important as diversity in ecological systems. We can’t afford to lose either, and some believe the health of both are connected.

How with age, I ended up working in isolation in one of the whitest regions I could live in for a decade is one of life’s mysteries, but knowing the part of me that is open to and fascinated by other people’s experiences still exists, if buried a bit, is reassuring.

To that end, I thought I would post from a few groups of people I appreciate who are doing something on the theme of diversity and inclusion and a better day for all.


If you wish to submit the challenges and glories of your pre-K, early learning story HERE. I submitted mine today, and it gave me pause to deeply appreciate the start I was able to give my daughter at a fabulous community preschool near me thanks to a United Way grant at a time when I was working 4 jobs as a single parent.  The preschool taught my child problem-solving and working with others and gave me parenting tips that helped me help her. Today she is thriving academically, on the verge of great things, and I’m convinced a piece of this is the magic art of the wizards who manage a room of toddlers despite being paid less than a coffee barista.

A NYT Op Ed piece titled The Perpetual Panic of American Parenthood tells us those who have young children in the US don’t know how bad we have it. I mean, we know we’re stressed to heck but we don’t know there’s an alternative.


Thankfully I’m past the point of needing affordable childcare, but it’s one more issue we’re being distracted away from in the political scene.

Lastly, in my search for a nondenominational organization that does peacebuilding, here is what looks like a fabulous resource. Someday I would like to take a course on peacebuilding. It is in their blog that I learned Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year. I suppose there’s always anti-matter to every matter.

Peace Direct

And that’s where my Rube Goldberg moment ends. With PEACE.


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