The Trees Will Continue

Trees with their grand sense of time will continue with help of the fungi.  No matter what the results of the US presidential election. This I find enormously comforting.

The sun was out and it was my half day off work. I played hooky from doing requisite yard work between rain drops and instead roamed the woods. Turns out, the fungi were having a colorful and glorious party thanks to climate change. . . weeks of unseasonably warm weather for November in these parts.

“Fungi are in between animals and plants. Their cell walls are made of chitin– a substance never found in plants– which makes them more like insects.”

“To enter into a partnership with one of the many thousands of kinds of fungi, a tree must be very open–literally–because the fungal threads grow into its soft root hairs. . . . And so a network is created, and now it’s easy for the trees to exchange vital nutrients and even information.” This connection makes fungi something like the forest Internet.”

(United We Stand, Divided We Fall, p. 50-51, The Hidden Life of Trees)



I am uncertain if anyone else sees a shadow shape of a warrior or person in the final photo’s sunbeam, but I tried to capture one magical moment in the presence of the forest. Thank you, trees, for being there for me.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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