Safe Passage

Everywhere I hear my ancestors whispering. We must not go back.

We cannot say it is okay to live in a country where entire groups of people are “wrong” by virtue of ethnicity and birth overnight. The fires have been stoked, and I’m not sure saying “stop it” on 60 Minutes will help.

Nothing wrong with wanting economic improvement, family-supporting jobs not requiring a college degree, and societal security. But if those things come at the expense of many people’s personal safety and freedom to choose what happens to them, rights that took decades of strength, struggle to make possible, human rights that built the foundation of our country, then the trade-off is not worth it.

While awake at 3 am from night terrors, I looked for signs of hope and found one:  Safe Passage for those commuting in New York who feel afraid for their personal safety. It would be wonderful to see this idea replicated in every city, every town.

Many people are trying to figure out what we can do. Those of us who don’t have means to relocate will need to be there for one another.

I’m just an often-confused-about-my-purpose, often-feeling-alone, middle-aged, single parent working 7 days a week to support my family. But I would gladly stop what I am doing to accompany someone who feels afraid for their personal safety, regardless of skin color, gender, age or background. Or stop to lend a hand if someone needed my help.

I live in one of the most progressive leaning states in the union, so eroding rights may come more slowly or be fought with more strength where I am. But I know I will be up for the Women’s March and will host singing gatherings in my home to participate in comfort and inspiration that only music can bring.

It is clear I will be needing herbal support for sleep. I refuse to support big pharma and disrupt my brain with antidepressants anymore, a habit I gave up years ago, but I will look to Valerian root, lemon balm tea, and melatonin. It is super important to take care of ourselves when we are troubled, and sleep deprivation does not lead to productive action.

For an interesting psychological take on the election, I found this post to be salient. In addition, if there is ever to be understanding rather than war between the 50% and the 50%, it would be helpful to have more attempts at listening to one another beyond talking points, as Van Jones displayed with his pre-election project The Messy Truth.

I end with a pile of beautiful vegetables from a happier moment in time, just to have something healthy to look at.



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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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