Giving Differently


Last year’s bounty of hand-knit hats along with 5 hand-knit scarves I’m donating to a local homeless organization.

This holiday season, my family members unanimously decided to give to one another differently and donate to organizations close to each family member’s heart in lieu of more stuff.  We all have enough stuff.  The amount donated can vary and need not be disclosed, simply a note saying, “A donation has been made in your name.” (Or fill in the blank whatever politician’s name of your choice).

I wanted to donate my hats to the Water Protectors in Dakota who have among many others, military veterans and medical volunteers supporting them, and a Syrian refugee sponsor in Seattle, but both groups are urging knitters to hold on hats at the moment. If you want to give your knits away, here is a state-by-state list of charities that accept them.

I am listing some of our holiday organizations of choice here, in case they call to anyone else, since November 29 is Giving Tuesday where dollars are often matched to double your impact. – helped me out when I needed it!

South Whidbey Food Bank

Rainier Valley Food Bank

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

Union of Concerned Scientists

Southern Poverty Law Center


Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Mindfulness Prison Project

Trevor Project

Northwest Harvest

Kilung Foundation Humanitarian Aid

imag0992 imag0994


Many more knits to come. . .

I had recent need to look up Native American tribes who lived on Whidbey Island before 1850, and this Tulalip woman reached out to me.



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2 Responses to Giving Differently

  1. Tom Trimbath says:

    I, too, get to research the tribes. Can you pass along your preferred link(s)? I’m particularly trying to learn: 1) proper pronunciation for the original settlements, and 2) examples of their functional art.

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