Knitting For Life

Anyone want to support the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, in DC but unable to go in person?

A knitting designer, Kat Coyle, has created a brilliantly simple hat pattern for the Pussyhat Project with a mission to supply them to as many marchers as possible in all shades of pink.


(source: Kat Coyle)

For patterns and mailing instructions look here:

The project leaders have even created forms to allow connection between makers and women wearers.  Brilliant!

Ways You Can Help

  1. If you are local and would like me to teach you how to knit this super simple pattern, please contact me.
  2. If you would like to participate by contributing to my yarn stash, I would not turn down any offer.
  3. Share the website link to any crafter you know who cares about women’s rights.  Can a world of crafters really make 1.7 million hats in the next 35 days??  Anything is possible when we all pitch in.
  4. Join the Pussyhat Project group on Ravelry, the largest and friendliest knitting community in the online world.

P.S. One spontaneous outpouring of brilliant women after 11/9 created another project I love, completely unrelated to knitting. Sign the pledge as an ally of women scientists and women like my sister and cousin who are role model women in medicine, or my daughter who’s found an outlet for her brilliant mind in science, or at very least enjoy the gorgeous nature photos:

They started with a goal of 500, but are up to 11,650 signatories – they are not alone!


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