Solstice Eve Tidings


I much prefer Winter Solstice to the socialized pressure of Christmas, though whatever you celebrate during the darkest time of year, blessings to you. I’m quite sure our ancestors danced in the snowy woods in ceremonies around trees without chopping them down and dragging them inside to die at one point or another. In that vein, here are my Winter Solstice offerings, one comic, one deeply authentic.

I intend to get my act together and offer a real-life Winter Solstice potluck gathering for 2017 where we gather our intentions and actions on behalf of Earth’s beings, nosh a bit, make music, and walk in darkness with lights, weather permitting.

Please enjoy this Rubber Chicken card by pressing Play:

Below is my slideshow taken during my restorative retreat. My version of heaven in 24 hours:

  • Sitting meditation 3 hours
  • Knitting meditation 3 hours
  • Walking meditation 5 hours
  • Cooking meditation 2 hours
  • Reading meditation 2 hours
  • Oh yes, and sleeping meditation 9 hours.

I try to live with a mini-version of this day each day between work. One way I have begun incorporating my current study of the power of the four directions and four elements (air, sun/fire, water, and earth) that impact us all is by turning my daily walk around a high school track into a meditation on them. Amazing what begins to appear in consciousness with that focus. : ) You too can have the appearance of being an average Jane or Joe out for exercise while your kid is in school, when your hidden superpower is actually shamanic awareness.  Next thing you know, you might realize you can fly!



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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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