Dreams, Version 2017


It is time for the ritual gathering of Ratatouille ingredients (click for recipe should you care to join in the tradition), so it must mean it’s time for 2017 goals and dreams.

  • Fundraise and work hard to see daughter fulfill her dream of a travel year.
  • Start leading others in some way around meditation and nature practices I have done over a lifetime even if I am no meditation master or shamanic practitioner like so many in my community.
  • Teach others to knit.
  • Strive to Be PEACE.
  • Start or participate in some kind of no-pets-allowed (except turtles and reptiles) knitting studio space where I can expand my toolkit and manifest design ideas to begin selling a line of patterns I create called Waterwoman Knits.
  • Contribute thick socks and children’s sweaters for refugees via Ravelry group (click link if interested).
  • See what I can do toward my vision for a small hut (tiny house) for myself within 5 years post living with dependent.  Two rooms: One for me, one for my yarn.  Near or on outside space to be with nature.
  • Study more about shamanic practice on my own until I can afford to do so with a guide.
  • Maintain my health with daily walking, meditation and nutrition, no matter how much freelance work I take on.
  • Maybe, just maybe by some benefactor or lottery ticket, build a structure sturdy enough to keep out animals in order to grow and harvest my own vegetables.

Looking Back

Some of the many knits of 2016
Donated 20 hats to homeless

I’d like to design a blanket or shawl around the image below:


Things to remember as I try to remain fearless in 2017:

Voted Most Outside Comfort Zone 

  • 2015:  Completed the full 26.2 mile Portland Marathon.  Yes, 90-year-old runners finished at my walking speed, but we made it across that darn finish line together!
  • 2016:  Drove large rental utility van full of 12 students and music instruments through unfamiliar California freeways (have you seen those lane-splitting motorcycles????) and towns for 4 days, ending at SF Airport.  Awesome reward of some of the best jazz these ears have heard and witnessing unique group of teens who made up a killer musical combo that doesn’t happen every day or every year.




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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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