Reality Knitting TV

I work in media, so I am exposed to a lot of what goes on.  But I have found my favorite reality TV.  In Denmark.

When I first started watching these Knit-Off shows, some without subtitles in a language I do not understand, I thought, “You have got to be kidding me.  A knitting show?  What???”

Possibly because the episodes I’ve watched all involve sharing of authentic stories, tears and boxes of tissue, it feels like some of the most real reality TV I have seen.  It also helps me understand why it feels so important to create something with my hands, when paid work for so many of us does not involve pride in something created from start to finish, and when so much we use day to day is created for us.

I know not everyone out there is a knitting nerd like me, but it inspires me to get some of my own design ideas down on paper and learn new techniques.  I’m no master of color work knits, but currently I’m working on designing a blanket with 8 auspicious Buddhist symbols in 8 different colors to represent the 8-fold path.  Knitting it will be an entirely different challenge I may pass to someone else.

Just for kicks, I took the speed knitting challenge today that was demonstrated in this show in order to prove to a fellow knitter who constantly tells me, “you knit fast” that I don’t.  Turns out I’m pretty average among show contestants at least, at 40 stitches per minute.

I definitely want to learn to shadow knit, as I was introduced to in this Knit-Off episode when a piano keyboard suddenly appears at a certain angle from the stitches.  Amazing!

For those interested, this site does hosts some astounding shadow knitting patterns:  Illusion Knitting

There are many baking, cooking, and fashion design shows along this vein that have been exceedingly popular over the past decade.  And in my opinion, they are the best of what is available on television because they honor creativity (American shows tend to emphasize cut-throat competition more than personalities of course).  But they show how anyone can take any medium and create something uniquely meaningful to themselves and others.

Who knows?  If I watch enough of them, maybe Danish will start making sense.  P.S. I learned via DNA that I am 37% Scandinavian, so possibly those knitting shepherds wandering the fields are in my blood. Never knew until five decades into life that I had any Scandinavian in me.


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