Sea of Compassion

January 21, 2017 – A day like none I have ever seen. Women’s marches (including a surprising number of men and families) around the world, the true numbers of which we will probably never know.  But our hearts felt it.  A low-ball 2.5 million in the US alone (updated count 1:100 Americans came out in almost every city – 01/23).  Seattle local news channels estimate 175,000 showed. The largest ever protest in Seattle history.  I worked in the heart of Seattle during WTO. I remember. Three-quarters of a million marched in Los Angeles alone and in 50 states people walked together and talked together. Even in Antarctica. Even in Anchorage.

I was part of 4 busloads of people from Island County with 3 generations of my family, and learned  upon return to my town of around 2,000 that there had been a march of nearly that number of people here.  Our busload voted to donate hundreds of dollars raised from our group to a local organization supporting women.

In Seattle, police were primarily on bicycles and mostly a block away from the route, some even wearing pink hats for photo ops, many marchers cheering them, no incidents I am aware of along a 3-1/2 mile route. Favorite signs I could not capture while walking:

“Left or Right, everybody can see wrong.”

“Making history with blood coming out of our wherevers.”

“One girl standing in courage is a revolution.” (held by a young girl)

“Science is not a liberal conspiracy.”

“When we talk together, we learn. When we walk together, we go places.”

Aerial view Seattle

For astounding images from around the world, check it out. This is not a “sore loser” movement, this is people feeling compelled to take a stand and show up for one another due to what is closest to their sense of humanity feeling threatened.

No one is alone in concern for what is happening to a democracy we took for granted, including freedom of press, science, healthcare, respectful treatment of women, human dignity no matter race or color or ability.  In short, today people everywhere said compassion for one another is the way forward.  As one young person stated today taught her:

We are marching not simply because of one man’s words and ideas but because our voices must be heard as well. Other nations cannot just see this man and believe that all Americans share his policies. One white man is not America. The only minority harming this country is the 1%. Silence equals violence. Education is crucial. People are inherently good. Women will kick your ass and I have sisters as far as the eye can see.

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