True Power

I listen to voices to earn a living. As anyone knows from being human, some voices are disturbed and eerie, others empowered or inspiring. Some voices tell lies, some truth.

With all the current voices around power shifts in worldwide politics and the power of violence and fear, outside of my daily work, I happened upon a voice that feels to me like it is speaking from the truest power on the planet. She spoke like an IV directly to my heart on so many levels that I am posting her interview about spiritual leadership here, in case her voice resonates with anyone else.

I am not Native, but the land of New Mexico I consider my first spiritual teacher (after my parents and my grandmother). My experiences with natural elements of plants and animals, soil and sky as a child seemed to me often more direct and immediate than connections with people. I always felt that was something “wrong” with me in my youth, but recently I have come to fully embrace that way I am wired and am only beginning to attempt to offer people leaderless circles and nature connection.


In this time it isn’t Indians versus Cowboys. No. This time it is all the beautiful races of humanity together on the SAME side and we are fighting to replace our fear with LOVE. This time bullets, arrows, and cannon balls won’t save us. The only weapons that are useful in this battle are the weapons of truth, faith, and compassion. – Lyla June, Dine’ (Navajo) – lyric from “All Nations Rise”

In my paid work, I have been seeking practices to detach and release some of the voices I am tasked with accurately capturing, since I rarely get to choose the voice I listen to in order to be paid. If I walk into a crowd of people, chances are good if I encounter a disturbed voice, I can choose to lean in if that person is seeking my attention and take some action toward them, or I can choose to focus my attention elsewhere, onto more positive energy. But when my sole task is to accurately reproduce what someone disturbed is speaking, I feel vulnerable to that person’s disturbance.  There are times I experience physical tremors for an hour after completing a transcript.

Other than leave the line of work I’ve held for 25 years, which is a hope of mine by year’s end, I appreciate learning any practices that can help me separate from voices or let them flow around me rather than through me.

This wise guide’s work I find very helpful. Each morning I’ve been doing basic releasing work in focusing on gratitude for four elements and directions. That helps set a tone for my day where I feel protected and balanced but does little to help me during my work. But today, she posted an energy protection practice I am going to try.

Visualize a translucent bubble filled with bluish white light around your whole body—top, bottom, front, back. Notice the edges of the bubble (Close in? Far away? It may change day to day).

Say: “I intend to take in only what is appropriate for me, and keep out everything that does not belong to me.” ~ Meg Beeler

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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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