Piano Therapy

We are never the person we were decades ago, but I am joyfully recently rediscovering my love of piano with the dream of my hands being able to do again what they once could do.  The day I no longer computer keyboard for a living each day of the week, I intend to devote my hands once again to piano. To do both now means injury.

Incredible example of musical activism.

The moment my daughter was notified she will be living in Poland next year, we looked at one another and said “Chopin.”  If you want to hear a fabulous interpreter of Chopin’s music, listen in to Evgeny Kissin. I cannot believe I did not learn of his work until this month. One remarkable thing about him as a prodigy is that he did not travel the usual path of competition to gain accolades. Instead, his performances spoke for themselves.

This is what he was doing at age 12 when I was graduating from high school:

My interpretation of this Rachmaninoff show piece was never recorded (though it shall live in my poor dear family’s ears for eternity since they had to listen to endless hours of pounding on the upright piano).  It won piano competitions for me at 14.  (I do not believe I was a prodigy but simply a self-motivated learner).  An intention for my future is to re-strengthen my hands and spend my last days reuniting with my first love, piano, grace and a new way to earn a living willing.


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