String of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii – “String of Hearts”

When I learned a favorite poet’s grave resides yards away from my own grandparents’ in Seattle, on the weekend of my grandmother’s birthday I went to pay tribute. This marvelous giant, sheltering tree reaches a branch over Denise Levertov’s stone. Letters that are dry are the only ones that can be seen on the black granite on a rainy day, so the name appears like a word puzzle. I left a rock with a peace symbol to thank her for her poem Making Peace. Someone else left a silver snake charm, which led me to look up her poem To The Snake. This poem of hers has been attributed to symbolize money, addictions, greed, etc., all of which are front of mind on today’s stage. (Not to mention THIS).

I left a shell my daughter picked up from a beach in Bristol, England last year and a heart stone from a beach on Whidbey for my grandparents. I felt some profound connection in honoring all these people who came from Europe and ended their stories in Seattle.

(And as usual for a cemetery visit, I guided folks in the steady stream of visitors to Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee’s grave that by coincidence triangulates the place of my grandparents and my favorite poet).

My journey took me down memory lane to the Plant Conservatory in Volunteer Park where my grandfather took me many times as a young girl. All the glorious colors felt like a celebration of spring and life and love for those who have loved me. Most magical of all, as I entered the tiny gift shop, the plant my grandfather raised that I have been looking for many years and even tried to order through a plant nursery to no avail was sitting in the shop for me to pick up. It’s called A String of Hearts (top).

In front of a neighborhood café/former corner store of my grandparents’ neighborhood in days long ago was this sign. Should you wish to order one for yourself, click below image.


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2 Responses to String of Hearts

  1. Shannon U Waterman says:

    The sign above is the one that I love. At the moment I’m fairly “signed up” with a BLM and a “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” sign on the parking strip. Amazing pictures from the conservatory, Erin (thrilled you found the heart plant again.) You have such an eye. And how lovely that you made a visit to the cemetery. Next time you’re in town give a call and we can have coffee. Charlie loves a good outing.

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