Prudent, Prudence, Dear Prudence, The Beatles, Great Britain, Brexit,
European Union, Berlin, Hamburg, family lineage,
family spring vacation I am not joining
because it is prudent for me to stay at home to make
prudent end meet prudent end.

Prudent prunes, prudent fruit, prudent prudes,
censorship, limitations, fragmentation,
caution, fear, prudential forethought,
protective perfunctory prudence, sagacious prudence,
calculate risk backward and forward to arrive at wisdom.
Dot every I, cross every T if you want success.

It is prudent not to expect greatness.

It is prudent not to expect anything.




* I am challenging myself to write a poem for each daily WordPress prompt in April in the hopes a few gems may emerge from the refuse.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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