Denial and Truth

Nile River


“Three things shine before the world and cannot be hidden. They are the moon, the sun, and the truth” proclaimed by the Tathagata (as Buddha referred to himself)

If denial of truth
is everywhere,
then truth must exist.

On the public world stage right now, truth is playing a game of charades. On a personal level, one small example shows me the power of denial.

Focused on losing weight, denial becomes blaringly clear. That handful of healthy whatever surely isn’t as many calories as it is said to be. This potato is small. My plate holds an average-sized serving.

In my quest to lighten, 8 pounds are now gone.  Rather than limit anything, all I do is collect data, writing down everything I eat. Suddenly truth shines through like the moon or sun. I am no longer in denial and the pounds melt away.

I wonder how much less suffering there would be in the world if we were able to see our own truths.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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