Good News

I am pleased to see activities springing up in my corner of the world in this month honoring Earth, so I’m sharing them here.

  • First, a boost for people at the start of human life: Washington State just passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and you can send a thank you note.

  • A free webinar May 6, 2017, on a topic dear to my heart. Trees!!!  More and more rigorous studies are showing trees can teach us and support us in incredible ways, if we’re willing to learn.

Giving a Voice to Nature: A Global Network for Monitoring Tree Potentials

  • Greenpeace just started a campaign for anyone to enter thrift or second-hand store locations worldwide to be a part of consuming less, living lighter on Earth. It’s called New To Me.
  • I have to say it feels freaky weird to be living in a time in a country where super-educated people who normally work diligently in research and medical labs somewhere are motivated to go outside and march in the streets in mass to defend scientific data and really at the root – critical thinking. If not in DC, a way to support March for Science by purchasing a shirt and/or poster. How about “Science Not Silence” or “There is No Planet B”?  STORE
  • Surprise! Forgot I subscribed to the weekly Photo challenge for April in addition to the Daily Word Prompt. (No worries, posts will slow to a drizzle again in May). So here is a surprise on my walk in the first warm-enough-for-a-snake-to-be-lying-around day we’ve had in these parts this year. And “eau du skunk cabbage” of spring is here. The most surprised I was by photos I took are the two bottom ones. I did not see the spider at all, nor did I notice what looks tantalizingly like a spirit image of some kind.

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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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