Earth Chuckle

Earth Collage

These images gleaned from past journeys evoke “Earth” to me. Sunsets only blocks away from me remind me to get back to the daily ritual I have let slide. Sky: Best viewing screen on Earth.

Certified Poet, Don’t You Know It

Chuckle today was opening a box and finding proof that I was at one time a certified poet. Many people can say “I am certified.” Many can say “I am a poet.” But how many can say I am a “certified poet” and speak the truth? Even though I did have fabulous teachers, my title remains questionable.

My work was often held up to the group as unique: “Do you see what she’s doing there? She knows the rules enough to break them in a way that makes sense.” In all honesty, I never could figure out the rules and broke them unknowingly. I’m certified all right.

Should anyone want poem and chuckle fodder, check out these collective nouns.
An unkindness of ravens,
a fling of sandpipers,
a mutation of thrushes,
a parcel of linnets.
The poem writes itself.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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