Hope Rambles

After getting past my latest shock of unhealthy news that Let Girls Learn will no longer be a US government brand because we all know how threatening educated teenage girls can be (I get sarcastic when I get mad), I decided to look for hope.

I find a lot of hope in the movement that saw hundreds of thousands of people on the streets two days ago. Some views that seem surprising to me in our current divisive environment where climate change is made to be something it is not – a red or blue choice – include the fact that the Republicans in office through most of my youth, Reagan and GHW Bush, both acknowledged climate change, and Bush took actions on it as a real problem that needed international problem solving. I did not remember that as I read these recently disclosed memos.

Climate Change – How do we know?

While there is more work than any and all of the environmental organizations combined can do, texting resist to 877877 helps me stay updated about calls I can make, even if I am too otherwise occupied to march in the streets.

I have read about hope closest to the ground in this recent book, Climate of Hope, a reassuring view I had not considered much before. That maybe even with the loss of EPA studies and Energy Star industry standards and all those losses we’re facing from the top down, we can STILL make movement forward at the city level to impact climate shifts.

Half Earth Project is another source of hope from one of my favorite elders.

Credit: Sue Palminteri, DC Climate March

Seven minutes from some folks who recently spoke in my neck of the woods.




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