Danger!  We are surrounded by sharp objects, low light and trip hazards all the time. Only when we see a sign is our awareness heightened to the potential risk.

Here are some of my images from hikes that struck me as redundantly redundant warnings about my surroundings. Car door? Not sure, but it looks like it belongs somehow as an altar to going nowhere fast.


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4 Responses to Risk

  1. mukhamani says:

    I woder how the car door came to be there, what is that circle ?

    • Erin W says:

      It is curious. I believe that circle in the woods was at one time a part of a park’s children’s fountain to cool off in, but it no longer is used, trees have grown, and the park boundaries were changed. It was on the North end of the 60-mile-long island where I live (Whidbey), and several times I have found decaying car parts or farm machinery left in the woods. The North island is within miles of a large Navy base, so in my observation the population are more transitory and there tends to be a lot more “dumped belongings” than on the South where I live.

  2. Anna Love says:

    Looks like a good place to hike despite the danger signs.

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