Roadside Plant Party

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and nurturers of any kind. (My three siblings are fortunate to live within driving distance to our mother, and to accommodate all our schedules, tomorrow will be our celebration).

Part of what I love about working seven days a week and having only brief moments to leave the house is that when I do, the perfection of the moment leaps. Everything my senses take in is magnified like moving the dial on my high school microscope from a power of 10 to a power of 100. Or moving from a 2D universe capturing words on a computer screen to a 4D universe in abundant living, breathing time and space.

Yesterday, I was able to split up my work day with a huge break in the middle (not always possible with deadlines) that allowed me to walk six miles in the sun along a road. I was reminded how diverse the plant life is along roadsides, especially in the glorious part of Mother Earth on which I am fortunate to walk. Wild berries are birthed everywhere.

Behold the Wild Thimbleberry

Salmonberry flowers from a wetter day – have taken so many salmonberry pics I refrained on this day. Eagerly await their lovely tasty orange berries.

Dewberry or Creeping Blackberry

Flowering Burgundy Mint

Wild Strawberry

Wild Geranium – Robertianum

Native Evergreen Blackberry

Forget Me Nots not being forgotten

Stand of Stinging Nettles – one antidote to the temporary burn is fern spores from underside fern leaves – also they make a nutritious pesto if you have gloves to harvest and cook



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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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