Another Whidbey Rock found on this weekend’s hike left where found for someone else


Greatest jigsaw on Earth,

Interlocking parts, sum of the great whole,

Eight answers to how, what, why, who, where, when, by whom, in what measure will I love?

The heart fills bit by bit, bee flower by flower. One alone cannot harvest enough pollen to make honey.

But one alone can hear a symphony of the world that gave her wings.

Odd shapes, hope-less and hope-full romantics fit somehow. Loving oneself among the walking deliciousness of solitude or wading into the sticky sweet illusion of together.

No matter the sum, the sun shines on all the same granting each some warmth.

Soulmate advice given to me: 1) Do not focus on finding relationship, that’s all ego. 2) Focus, dream, envision your soulmate so he/she can find you. Take heart by success displayed by the woman who went on 99 consecutive dates before finding the hundredth meant for her.

Asking others how love works is like asking how air connects every being on Earth. No one has the answer, only a story of how love saved or destroyed them. My time here has shown me more chance and less choice about encountering the one(s) who can connect to us deeply and support a mutual love. I have arrived at a view that any heart can learn to radiate big love for the many in our ubiquitous consciousness or at least learn to care for something small, but not everyone’s path includes a reflector of their own heart in the embodiment of a single human.

Most of the Whidbey Rocks that have found me over the past six months.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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