Just want to post something that brings me cheer in these times I want to turn away from the news. I was asked to play piano for a summer event, something I have not done much in years. I think I’ll dive in, even though I have no confidence I can do it and my hands may fall off after typing for a living all day. It’s strange being good at something when very young but not so good decades later, because the mind believes it can when the body really cannot. But getting out of a comfort zone is always good.

New York – 60 pianos in public spaces for three weeks, then donated to schools. Check out the artist renderings HERE 

They are all amazing, like the Bronx one covered in black and white photographs, but I think this is my favorite. Unbelievable to me this Mithila art form is all freehand: 

Portland – 20 Pianos (only one I have seen in person with sausage fingers limiting my playing at Mile 20 of the 2015 Portland Marathon)

Seattle – 11 Pianos in King County – Pianos in the Parks

International Tour – Play Me, I’m Yours


London – Instrument of Change Documentary on Street Pianos

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