Committing to Consciousness

MC Escher – Three Worlds

Possibly nothing is more fascinating to me than consciousness. It is hard to define in a single sentence and seems to spur questions rather than a universally understood answer.

Following Summer Solstice, I commit to learning one thing each day about consciousness. This can be an internal inquiry in meditation or reading understanding from others or both. Committing to anything in life seems to spur an increase in awareness and allows questions to arise.

I know my personal tendency is to get stuck in a perplexing query inside the thinking mind and all the emotion of frustration that comes with walking inside an MC Escher staircase. When I find myself stuck like this, I intend to allow myself to float outside the room and see what I can understand.

MC Escher – Relativity


  • Can my own consciousness be separated from group consciousness or universal consciousness?
  • Does the universe have its own consciousness?
  • Is the seat of consciousness the human brain?
  • Are all living beings conscious and part of consciousness? Non-living beings?
  • If consciousness means simply being awake and aware in a biophysical sense, why do so many insist consciousness of a being extends beyond a single biophysical life?
  • What does brain science tell me about consciousness?
  • What do human traditions tell me about consciousness?
  • What does direct revelation (shamanic perspective) teach me about consciousness in my schoolroom of the natural world?

Today’s inquiry comes from this source called Bluebrain Project. Mind blown. Literally.



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