“Sunny” Day

(Left to right: Red elderberry, wild foxgloves, salmonberries for breakfast)

The Pacific Northwest is known for clouds and rain. In fact, climate models show the region where I live may be a climate refuge for effects of climate change in the US.

Even though I have fond memories of the American Southwest desert’s beauty and geologic and ecologic diversity I was blessed to grow up in, I prefer the version of a “sunny day” in the Pacific Northwest anytime. My heart goes out to folks when I read about 127-degree days in Nevada or planes being grounded in Arizona due to heat so high it is dangerous to human life. Fine if you live in a bubble of air conditioning, not so fine if you can’t.

We have a few crystal clear, cloud-free days each year, but sunny most of the time means “filtered sun” through a gentle cloud cover or at least half of a day in clouds, half in sun.

When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest long-term, I remember constantly tripping over my feet because I was staring up at the tall, tall trees so often while walking. The bounty of greenery and trees add so much to my daily sense of well-being that I cannot imagine living anywhere else now. Even my fear of earthquake is a trade-off I am willing to make to remain.



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3 Responses to “Sunny” Day

  1. Beautiful pics! I’ve never seen berries like that before! Thanks for sharing!

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