Enjoying Food

I realized some things this year:

  • Food can be an addiction, and I no longer have the addiction.
  • Eating is 99.9% habit.
  • I’ve lost and gained weight in the past, but cravings have never disappeared like they have now.
  • Taking care and attention to optimize what your individual body needs food-wise can truly be life changing.
  • None of this has to do with how I look, for me. It’s all about how I feel inhabiting my vehicle for this one life.
  • Asthma attacks are rarer, I no longer have hay-fever or chronic mild allergy symptoms (animal dander red alert hasn’t budged), I love feeling truly hungry, and I have greater sustained energy without peaks and valleys.

Thought I’d share a few favorite things in my journey of vegan living and shrinking 4 clothing sizes and a ring size thus far. (I was vegan and obese too, so veganism does not necessarily equal health – I just prefer the kingdom of vegetables as a way of living light on Earth).

Raw red cabbage.  Gorgeous and good for you.  I go through a head of cabbage a week, whack off slices each day, and leave it in fridge without a bag since it comes with it’s own outer layer of protection you can peel as you use.

A serving of red cabbage contains 85 percent of the vitamin C you need in a day, 20 percent of the vitamin A, 42 percent of the vitamin K and just under 10 percent of B6, as well as potassium, manganese and other minerals.

But best to eat it raw if you can: Cooking red cabbage degrades the anthocyanins and glucosinolates. If you must cook it, steam it very lightly for a short time.  (New York Times – 03/24/17)

A while back before I started realizing I felt great eating red cabbage every day, I was so inspired by the way it looks that I drew it and never finished coloring it in. (And I’m not an artist!)

Kimchi and fermented foods make a great combo with bland proteins such as tofu or beans. Fermented foods are also great for gut health, and this is my favorite local company.

Some essentials for my weekly organic grocery list:

  • Head of red cabbage (duh)
  • Head of cauliflower
  • Whole broccoli
  • Mixed greens
  • Kale
  • Cukes, radishes
  • Apples
  • Golden and/or Red Beets
  • Onion, Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes (red, Yukon and sweet)
  • Extra-Thick Oats (one bag of Bob’s Red Mill lasts a month of breakfasts)
  • Soy milk, almond milk
  • Tofu (one tub I slice into 5 portions and store in see-through container to use for 5 meals)
  • Frozen edamame
  • Kimchi
  • Pumpkin seeds (tbsp at a time)
  • Lundberg grain crackers of any kind, Lotus Foods Arare rice crackers
  • Thin-sliced whole seed bread to give you 2 slices of toast for the calories of one regular slice (like Killer Dave’s, Franz)
  • Pure peanut butter any that is organic with 100% peanuts (Crazy Richard’s is current favorite)
  • Field Roast Company whole-grain sausages
  • Good dark chocolate
  • Organic coffee
  • Holy Basil tea, fennel tea

Here’s to health!  (Am I too late to pick some of these guys in the neighborhood this year? Hope not).  My goal is to work 80-hour weeks starting September 1st, so it’s make hay while the sun shines. Literally the sun is shining.


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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