Any Saturday morning I can spare from work, I walk 7 miles round trip to the farmer’s market. This time I returned with the always loved red cabbage in my backpack, a vegetable I had not tried before (kohlrabi) and gorgeous cherry tomatoes. When I returned home, I found a neighbor had left more gorgeous cherry tomatoes on my doorstep and a housemate left a jar of honey from a hive she harvested. This morning, I looked at the kitchen counter and thought, “If that is not a picture of Earth’s abundance, I don’t know what is.”

It’s already carved up, so not in photo, but turns out, for anyone who cares to know, kohlrabi is kind of like a jicama or daikon radish great raw and nutrient rich. I did not google it before I thought I’d taste the leaves, and turns out they make a tasty little saute with garlic, cumin and cayenne, just like kale or collard greens. Here’s a link to a blog that lists kohlrabi recipes.

My deepest intention is to live in a way that takes less and less from Earth, only what I need to sustain and celebrate Earth’s life of which I am a part.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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