Today’s word prompt is static, which is fitting as the challenge to my guiding word of 2018: Tuning. My intention is to practice being more conscious of what I tune in and out, and what frequency I resonate with in my own being. Tuning also is linked to music and really all universal energy, which we know originates in resonance, in frequencies, in sound waves. I can become more conscious of when static is overwhelming and I need to take myself for a tune-up.

I am aware of increasing hearing loss and static from tinnitus due to all my years of listening through headphones daily, so I will not be surprised if tuning becomes more internal. I already miss hearing birds when others around me hear them but am fearful of getting tested because of cost and rather not finding out how soon my livelihood of 25 years is no longer feasible. I worry for that Millennial generation and younger who start out so early on headphones and continuous noise exposure.

Music was my first gift in life because it taught me the power of a wordless language, and a split from it was my biggest significant life path shift where I thought I was destined for one thing but instead took another direction. I am content to allow that past be past.

Thanks to a Find Your Word workshop I attended this weekend, part of the process was to create a vision board collage. I have done this several times with my sister who is a creativity coach and seems to always have an abundance of art supplies on hand, but it has been a several year gap. Until the vision board this year, I forgot how much I miss going through the process and how impactful it is to allow a word or a few to find you as a “theme” and deeply resonate with you for a period of time. A year is arbitrary. Choose any chunk of time for a good practice. If you work with inspiration from nature or from art, anything that shifts your perspective from the mundane, it is as if your unconscious can reveal what your conscious mind needs to work on.











Nature’s weavers at sunrise this morning

I have an overarching plan for this year which is to focus on unearthing my artist self and practice techniques and technologies for knit design. I have entered a six-month artist mastermind (even though I am the only knitter) to help in this process with a goal of making one solid design per month. How well this can be done while simultaneously working full-time or more and helping navigate a teen through senior year of high school remains to be seen. But anything is possible with grit. And I have grit.

Each design incorporates some element of walking, paths, footsteps to resonate with my longer-term goal of a long-distance walk in 2020 (or whenever financially feasible). Any design sold will go toward being able to afford time off work for a big walk. Considering options, The Camino Way is always appealing, and I can ponder the significance of having Jewish ancestors who were forced by the King to walk out of Spain during the Inquisition, walking centuries later a path of Catholic pilgrims. Most often I have thought about walking somewhere local, like across my own state. But there are countless treks in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland any one of which is a joyful lifetime journey for me.

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