Fall Montage

My favorite season. Time of fungi, Evergreen blackberry vine, and a deep bow to the gorgeous orb weaver master fiber artist.

Envisioning a time on Earth where sexual harassment/assault for anyone isn’t a thing, and humans can experience what it might be like to live where feminine energies (creative, intuitive, Earth-bound, life-conduit, unlimited) are supported and protected by male energies (direct action, logical, warrior, protector). We all can access these energies inside ourselves. Can we even imagine what it would feel like to live in a time of balance and respect? We are much more powerful than the public narratives in which we swim in this moment. Our culture is so unbalanced, hypersexualized, fantasy/escape, consumer driven, it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. But if we pan out, we can see the fungus among us and ask ourselves for a better way.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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