Blog Transition

A word from our sponsor….me.

Due to wanting to focus a topical blog on fiber arts and possibly branch into tutorials and creating my own designs, you can find my posts at domain:

This blog will revert to a free version, meaning my piano recording server space will disappear by end of January, along with probably some videos. Keeping a rambling blog going for seven years feels a bit cumbersome, and so many posts I look back on and would now prefer to delete. Some are stream of consciousness to the point they don’t make sense even to me, and I wrote them.

I suppose the blog served its original purpose which was for me to create a space to explore my own identity in a zone separate from my child. When single parenting, it can be easy to become enmeshed and lose any sense of self. Or at least that’s been my experience. Our journey enters a new phase soon. I never thought I wanted children when I was younger, but I couldn’t have asked for anyone more remarkable to help me grow.

By January’s end, I may decide to salvage certain themes like my poetry and ecopsychology content, and delete the blog.

Thanks to anyone who’s been patient enough to like or view a post.



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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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3 Responses to Blog Transition

  1. As the parent of a grown-up daughter, I second your point about how bringing up a child is also a growth experience for the parent/s. I look on my daughter as the greatest act of creativity in my life in the very real knowledge that when we create something we simply provide the wings by which it can fly.

    • Erin W says:

      Thanks Pamela. Readying for leaving high school it’s so difficult to trust she’ll be supported by the “world” in her own path, because we all only have our own experience to go by. I keep needing to remind myself she will attract different experiences and work through her own challenges.

  2. Tom Trimbath says:

    Thanks for being here, present, and sharing.

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