All the world’s genius makes books black with words, but simple knowing keeps whole skies filled with light.  ~ Rumi

Some of my Life Factoids.

Dreams of Future: Each day I wake to find I am still here, I start by wishing contentment/peace for all beings including myself and easing of sorrows and difficulties for all beings including myself. Then I dream for a few moments of inhabiting a tiny house with two rooms on or near land to roam, hours among weather and trees, possibly leading nature connection groups for those who are computer or house-bound like I am now, time to pursue my knitting design craft as a joyful business, freedom from worry about enough funds at the end of the month to build and maintain a fruitful garden structure to protect and grow my own food most of the year. Making dreams of the simple and small a reality has not been so simple or small in my life journey. A tiny house or small space to call my own has been out of reach, even as I trust in abundance in every day experience and live in a fairytale setting. I dream also of more travel in my lifetime, though I can be content with travel the mind provides through imagination and reading.

Current/Past: I’m 50, a single parent 15 years, and live on a Pacific Northwest island. My biggest outward accomplishment happened at age 14 when I won a statewide piano competition and went on to spend a year in a music conservatory. (You can listen to piano samples of what I am no longer able to do thanks to AM who transferred 30-year-old cassettes to digital, and KH who was able to take the edge off cassette tape sound on a few). I burned to a crisp and my music career went up in smoke, but in my heart lives a musician. In college, my intention was to double major in Biology and Music but was not up to that tall order and instead an English teacher convinced me I should graduate with an English degree.  Later, I went on to a graduate program in Special Education, only to drop out when I got to the part about managing a class of 30 kids (years before I had my own).

Travel:  Outside US – Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Japan. Inside US – 17 states.

Jobs:  Two-year internship in an immunology department working with blood samples to help understand diseases, delivering and sorting mail for an entire college campus two years, interlibrary loan courier before the internet existed, library card catalog editor before Google, receptionist handling 15 incoming lines, barista/bakery clerk, temp agencies for years with a highlight being 8 hours a day of xeroxing – okay, insanity set in and I started copying my face. I like to say I believe in the Albert Einstein school of patent office creativity with mindless jobs, but alas, I have not solved any mysteries of the universe.  I did, however, write a few poems.

After 20+ years as a medical transcriptionist for hospitals, I now transcribe content for TV and film production. Story after story goes through my headphones and comes out my fingers onto the page. Somehow I have escaped repetitive motion injury after typing 8-10 hours a day for 25 years.

I have thrived on quietly observing nature as long as I can remember. I walked miles to and from school rather than take a school bus grades 2 through 12 in New Mexico and did not have a car throughout college. It was not until a college reunion in Oregon when I tracked my route to and from campus with a car odometer that I realized I had walked 11 miles each day in commute alone without realizing it. I have always preferred slowing down and experiencing the world from foot-to-eye level.

I am horrifically allergic to most fur-bearing critters and alcohol, so you can imagine how limited my social life is.

I wear a silver bracelet with the word TRUST on it in lieu of a watch, so whenever I want to check the time, I trust I am where I am supposed to be.

My favorite “non-monetarily compensated” jobs have been:  Mucking, planting, and harvesting in a food bank garden, tutoring English as a Second Language (a huge misnomer, as most of my students could speak 8 languages and I only one), providing phone support to parents facing childhood cancer via the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and sitting on a parent advisory board to Seattle Children’s Hospital/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

I believe the universe sends us messages and synchronicities all the time that are like taps on the shoulder.  The watered down version of quantum physics that I can grasp and where it intersects with human consciousness floats my philosophical boat.  I find comfort in the idea that form and thought rise and fall, and we are more than form.

May well-being be with all who enter here.


  • In August 2012, had my first vacation in 5 years with child, and again 3 days off work in June 2013, June 2014 and June 2015.  Hallelujah!
  • In 2013, walked my own designed marathon distance (26 miles in 10 hours) to raise funds for CureSearch.
  • In February 2014, published my first book of poetry!  And I was not 80 years old!
  • In 2015, completed my first sanctioned marathon (Portland Marathon) while raising funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  • In 2016, knit countless projects, expanded my toolkit, and donated sweaters and hats to people in need.
  • In 2017, I’ve begun designing my own knitting patterns.

7 Responses to About

  1. Beautifulyy written, Erin. Pleased to meet you.

    • Erin W says:

      Thanks Jeanne – Glad to have found your blog! Love the poem today about solitude. Maybe one day we will meet in person, as we reside on the same piece of rock (ha).

  2. “I wear a silver bracelet with the word TRUST on it in lieu of a watch, so whenever I want to check the time, I trust I am where I am supposed to be.”
    => love it 🙂
    did it ever let you down? 🙂

    • Erin W says:

      Thank you for the love, Gesine! My trusty TRUST bracelet has not yet let me down. I started wearing it when my daughter’s life was in the balance, and it has been a great reminder to trust we are all where we are supposed to be.

  3. Kevin W. Holmes says:

    Full life so far! I’ve enjoyed your music. I wish I were as talented.

    • Erin W says:

      I enjoy listening to your music too! It’s funny, since I’m allergic to dogs and can’t be around them, your creations are a great way I can celebrate them. Thank you very much for your random act of kindness in editing my old recordings.

  4. Alanna says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! From another Pacific NW Nature Nut (Oregon)

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