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The Road

I recommit myself to walking four miles a day as a way to restore myself. Luckily I’m in a good spot for walking, despite no road shoulder. Pick and choose your times and carry a good flashlight. Not only have … Continue reading

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Detour to Freedom

Well, I didn’t end up moving where I thought I was going to move in my last post, so I thought it was time for a detour mention. Same island, way further south. I’ve landed in a beautiful spot for … Continue reading

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A bringing back to a former position or condition; the restoration of peace. ~ Merriam-Webster One day recently, I was feeling lost and wondering if I have a place anywhere in this world. In my distant past, I had an … Continue reading

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Endings are Beginnings

And money is money. Breathe Deep, the oracle card I pull today tells me I need to hear. Amen to that. Significant change is before me (and my adult daughter), and U-Hauls have been crisscrossing my night dream highways. The … Continue reading

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Mastering My Universe

This year I decided to stop hoping and visualizing and working on raising my vibration and any number of spirit-raising techniques to manifest things, and instead, simply work for what I want. To that end, I crunched the numbers to … Continue reading

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Blog Rehab

Two months of reflection on what to do with this blog leaves me wanting to hold its space instead of discarding it. Creating a knitting blog at Waterwomanknits coincided with new midlife awareness of myself as likely on autism spectrum, … Continue reading

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Blog Transition

A word from our sponsor….me. Due to wanting to focus a topical blog on fiber arts and possibly branch into tutorials and creating my own designs, you can find my posts at domain: This blog will revert to a … Continue reading

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