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Woodland Reprieve

Reprieve After the day’s desk work, just before twilight I enter the star flower’s realm of reprieve. Even abundant woodland mosquitoes are welcome reminders to keep moving to limit their bites and provide a few discomfort souvenirs for my desk-ridden workdays … Continue reading

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Happy Things

As you can see from this poorly lit photo, Buddha Doodles is part of my life.  So I am thrilled to learn of Molly’s latest adventure in her video below.   Knitting = happiness in my world. So here is … Continue reading

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adrift & unmoored the realm of politics feels unmoored from my vision, this golden mishmash of languages and stories that make my country, make me. is not political personal as food or an ambulance arriving at 3 am? what should … Continue reading

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Roadside Plant Party

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and nurturers of any kind. (My three siblings are fortunate to live within driving distance to our mother, and to accommodate all our schedules, tomorrow will be our celebration). Part of what I love … Continue reading

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Final Inbox

Freedom! Today I finally got around to clearing out over 25,000 emails from my inbox that went back to 2008. What will Google Analytics do now to figure out what product just has to have my money? Probably just opened a chunk of space … Continue reading

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Fear Progress

Some antidotes to fear: observation big picture understanding bringing calm to panic through breath, other ways of controlling physiologic response intermittent exposure to source of fear, whether internal or external, to develop coping mechanisms Here is some calm appreciation of life I’ve collected … Continue reading

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Embracing The Plant

My relationship with plants goes deep. All humans’ do, but my relationship to plants seems heightened. I learned of this beautiful film I intend to see as soon as possible. The film’s website invites people to submit practices, so I contributed … Continue reading

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