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Detour to Freedom

Well, I didn’t end up moving where I thought I was going to move in my last post, so I thought it was time for a detour mention. Same island, way further south. I’ve landed in a beautiful spot for … Continue reading

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A bringing back to a former position or condition; the restoration of peace. ~ Merriam-Webster One day recently, I was feeling lost and wondering if I have a place anywhere in this world. In my distant past, I had an … Continue reading

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Endings are Beginnings

And money is money. Breathe Deep, the oracle card I pull today tells me I need to hear. Amen to that. Significant change is before me (and my adult daughter), and U-Hauls have been crisscrossing my night dream highways. The … Continue reading

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Mastering My Universe

This year I decided to stop hoping and visualizing and working on raising my vibration and any number of spirit-raising techniques to manifest things, and instead, simply work for what I want. To that end, I crunched the numbers to … Continue reading

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Blog Rehab

Two months of reflection on what to do with this blog leaves me wanting to hold its space instead of discarding it. Creating a knitting blog at Waterwomanknits coincided with new midlife awareness of myself as likely on autism spectrum, … Continue reading

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Blog Transition

A word from our sponsor….me. Due to wanting to focus a topical blog on fiber arts and possibly branch into tutorials and creating my own designs, you can find my posts at domain: This blog will revert to a … Continue reading

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December Experiment

As I knit each night, I’ve been inspired by all the knitting podcasters and vloggers out there who have held spaces of sanity and comfort in 2018. Amid the torrent of bad news, sheer craziness and challenging times, these creators … Continue reading

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