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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.

Thin Layers of Life

We know life on Earth cannot exist beyond the thin blue line of atmosphere (unless you are on a Mars expedition or space shuttle). But unless we are a farmer, it is easy to take for granted how important healthy soil is … Continue reading

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Not the archetypal film about man versus bear. Not the Robert Frost poem about two roads. Instead, a token fell out of a drawer today from the precise moment my soul diverged and stretched between the tech world where my … Continue reading

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Old Visitors

Two long-buried poems from a few years back visit me in this moment to express my current truth. The haiku was from challenge to distill an essence of your entire life into 17 syllables. Reflection How surface tension holds the … Continue reading

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Caper in Woods

Oceanspray having its own party during my latest caper in the woods. Apparently to be a true caper I would have needed to skip or frolic. I did not do so, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time away from the … Continue reading

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Ode to Nature’s Fiber Artist

Spider is 8-legged and its body is like a figure-8. Thus, spider has been linked symbolically with eternity. Spider also makes one of the strongest materials known on earth. I revere spider’s craft.     Respond to every call that … Continue reading

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As we celebrated Independence Day in the United States yesterday, I suddenly learned a profound lesson about independence I never knew about.  I must have been preoccupied with graduating from college, but I cannot believe this escaped my attention when … Continue reading

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Bump On a Log

On a walk, something catches my attention like a dash across the corner of my eye. Sometimes I only really “see” once I return home to view a photo. In the moment, I think, “amazing fungus on a log.” But … Continue reading

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