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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.

I Am Free

You know how the internet is. Next thing you know, you’re looking up Swahili proverbs and applying them to your life. There is no one who does not make mistakes.   Yes, this one hits the nail on the head … Continue reading

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Sharing My Light

Saddened by first learning that suicide among middle aged American women spiked first time ever, then teen suicides and attempts doubling in the past decade, and most recently by Anthony Bourdain’s departure, two sides of a coin, depression and anxiety … Continue reading

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Over the past month, I’ve shifted my 7- day work schedule to squeeze in more and more freedom. The amazing thing is somehow this has helped me earn more rather than less, because I feel more productive when working, even … Continue reading

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We interrupt this weekend’s 20 hours of transcribing to bring you this daydream from reality almost too good to be true. Part of my spiritual practice is to visit this tree often in different weather and times. No burden is … Continue reading

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Expressions of Great Mother

Breathing in joy from Earth every day rain or shine. Always remember this is simple inborn technology that heals us.

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Soul and Consciousness Query

Just as law of attraction suggests thought energy is as powerful as physical energy, the two quotes below appeared from completely separate sources in my inbox today. The past few days while living my life and while all these images … Continue reading

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Sacred Time

In my endless progression toward what works for me, I have discovered a key. We all have to find our own keys. I call it sacred time. One of the things I observe in years of working around media that … Continue reading

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