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Any Saturday morning I can spare from work, I walk 7 miles round trip to the farmer’s market. This time I returned with the always loved red cabbage in my backpack, a vegetable I had not tried before (kohlrabi) and … Continue reading

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Enjoying Food

I realized some things this year: Food can be an addiction, and I no longer have the addiction. Eating is 99.9% habit. I’ve lost and gained weight in the past, but cravings have never disappeared like they have now. Taking … Continue reading

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Comfort of Coffee and Tea

I’m not either/or, I’m both when it comes to coffee and tea. I daily drink and appreciate both. Word prompt for today is tea, so I will focus there. Over time, I’ve experimented with drinking several herbal teas. Even though … Continue reading

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Dormant Beauty

So much of what becomes beauty lies dormant. This plant came in full bloom, unidentified from a grocery store last summer. It finished blooming, its leaves shriveled and died, and I left it alone in a porch all winter thinking … Continue reading

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Elements of Support

The traveler must be born again on the road and earn a passport from the elements, the principle powers that be for him. ~ Henry David Thoreau I am constantly relearning to trust and rely on the elements within. These … Continue reading

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Embracing The Plant

My relationship with plants goes deep. All humans’ do, but my relationship to plants seems heightened. I learned of this beautiful film I intend to see as soon as possible. The film’s website invites people to submit practices, so I contributed … Continue reading

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Nourishing With Love

In my efforts to consistently inch toward a healthier, happier life, I’ve been digging the roots of late. Root vegetables are where it’s at for nutritious, low-cost, rainbowlicious sustenance. The homely root ball above is the watermelon radish. But just … Continue reading

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