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Whittling: Reduce something in size, amount, or extent by a gradual series of steps. I feel a strong pull to shake myself free of most belongings, most books, all furniture, fish tank, cantankerous upright piano. Keeping a mattress, a work … Continue reading

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As if not obvious, I have a proclivity to the therapeutic benefits of knitting. And frankly 2017 has needed a lot of therapy. My holiday dreams came true! And more. I was gifted a year of a girl in a … Continue reading

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Legend of 2017

This was a year that began with a queasy feeling of dread. Day of Mo(u)rning, 01-20-2017 Night terrors shudder you awake before sun. Make your way to the deep half-moonlit woods. Wait for the curtain to be lifted, the switch … Continue reading

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I have been immersed in tracing family roots the past few months and have felt the power of appreciating our inheritance, both collective and personal. By inheritance, I mean not money, but all the struggles and survival and joys our … Continue reading

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When I Grow Old

A photo shoot of a gift I made that to honor a person in my life who loves the poem read by the author below. (Designer: Helen Stewart, Snowmelt Shawl). And when I grow old, I shall continue to write … Continue reading

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Dreams Are Free

George Addair is paraphrased as having said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” It occurred to me that I do not fear much, but everything I want is on the other side of money. I must … Continue reading

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Knitting Dreams

Several days before, during and after the total solar eclipse over the United States on 8/21/17 I was inspired to create an Eclipse Wrap. A prayer of sorts in yarn. This is the first time I created something without following … Continue reading

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