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A bringing back to a former position or condition; the restoration of peace. ~ Merriam-Webster One day recently, I was feeling lost and wondering if I have a place anywhere in this world. In my distant past, I had an … Continue reading

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Bridge to a Crossroads

A significant crossroads on the horizon is looming for me, and all this year I have set a toe in the water to explore a livelihood closer to my heart. What this has meant for now is pushing myself a … Continue reading

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As if not obvious, I have a proclivity to the therapeutic benefits of knitting. And frankly 2017 has needed a lot of therapy. My holiday dreams came true! And more. I was gifted a year of a girl in a … Continue reading

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Legend of 2017

This was a year that began with a queasy feeling of dread. Day of Mo(u)rning, 01-20-2017 Night terrors shudder you awake before sun. Make your way to the deep half-moonlit woods. Wait for the curtain to be lifted, the switch … Continue reading

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Pondering Empowerment

Empowerment: 1)  authority or power given to someone to do something, 2) the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. My sister posed a great question to ponder this holiday: “When have … Continue reading

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Heart of Stillness

In light of the unconscionable words spoken yesterday, I offer a peace prayer today. I walked to the heart of stillness in the labyrinth’s center and left a Whidbey Rock I found months ago. I have learned the peace symbol … Continue reading

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Healing Gallery

Healing Images (All my own photos. “Sanctuary” image from Human healing Emerges from minds, hearts, hands. All we can do is Love. My heart is daily holding in light the generation of people caught up in the largest humanitarian … Continue reading

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