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I have been immersed in tracing family roots the past few months and have felt the power of appreciating our inheritance, both collective and personal. By inheritance, I mean not money, but all the struggles and survival and joys our … Continue reading

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Old Visitors

Two long-buried poems from a few years back visit me in this moment to express my current truth. The haiku was from challenge to distill an essence of your entire life into 17 syllables. Reflection How surface tension holds the … Continue reading

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As we celebrated Independence Day in the United States yesterday, I suddenly learned a profound lesson about independence I never knew about.  I must have been preoccupied with graduating from college, but I cannot believe this escaped my attention when … Continue reading

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“Sunny” Day

(Left to right: Red elderberry, wild foxgloves, salmonberries for breakfast) The Pacific Northwest is known for clouds and rain. In fact, climate models show the region where I live may be a climate refuge for effects of climate change in the … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Nostalgia

This weekend, I saw a news clip about the start of summer heralding summer reading time. Suddenly, I was transported back to childhood with crystal clear memory of my two sisters and me visiting public libraries in New Mexico. Nostalgia overwhelmed me as … Continue reading

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Danger!  We are surrounded by sharp objects, low light and trip hazards all the time. Only when we see a sign is our awareness heightened to the potential risk. Here are some of my images from hikes that struck me … Continue reading

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Hope Rambles

After getting past my latest shock of unhealthy news that Let Girls Learn will no longer be a US government brand because we all know how threatening educated teenage girls can be (I get sarcastic when I get mad), I … Continue reading

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