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Endings are Beginnings

And money is money. Breathe Deep, the oracle card I pull today tells me I need to hear. Amen to that. Significant change is before me (and my adult daughter), and U-Hauls have been crisscrossing my night dream highways. The … Continue reading

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Mastering My Universe

This year I decided to stop hoping and visualizing and working on raising my vibration and any number of spirit-raising techniques to manifest things, and instead, simply work for what I want. To that end, I crunched the numbers to … Continue reading

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Bridge to a Crossroads

A significant crossroads on the horizon is looming for me, and all this year I have set a toe in the water to explore a livelihood closer to my heart. What this has meant for now is pushing myself a … Continue reading

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Walking in this magical place after torrential rain in motionless air, I overheard a group of women ask, “Why don’t we come out here more often?” Answer, “It’s the getting out the door that’s the hardest thing.” Why don’t we … Continue reading

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Flip It

  After we take a thousand or more baby steps, suddenly breakthroughs in awareness can happen. These epiphanies can seem sudden, but they are built on all those micromovements behind it. One of these awakenings happened to me this week … Continue reading

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Dreams Are Free

George Addair is paraphrased as having said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” It occurred to me that I do not fear much, but everything I want is on the other side of money. I must … Continue reading

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Not the archetypal film about man versus bear. Not the Robert Frost poem about two roads. Instead, a token fell out of a drawer today from the precise moment my soul diverged and stretched between the tech world where my … Continue reading

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