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What Do The Trees Say?

I would rather listen to trees than politicians. Thank you trees around the world for being there with and for us on climate. Asking if America can be first is not the question. The question is, can we all work … Continue reading

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Nature Forms

My alter ego wanted to stay in the woods all day where it had not roamed in several days. Alas, the desk and duty calls. A congregation of curves will soon give way to the sword fern spikes below. Ferns are … Continue reading

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Good News

I am pleased to see activities springing up in my corner of the world in this month honoring Earth, so I’m sharing them here. First, a boost for people at the start of human life: Washington State just passed the Pregnant … Continue reading

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No, I don’t mean waistline, though that does happen with time, trust me. I have for most of my life been aware that our experience wherever we focus our attention expands. This is a core of mindfulness practice. A kernel of conversation with … Continue reading

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Climate Change Gain?

For 195 countries to agree to anything is an achievement. Here is a link to the actual signed agreement many are celebrating. INSIDE THE PARIS CLIMATE DEAL Interesting indigenous response to the UN’s REDD program (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Earth

My 14-mile walk started out in a balmy 26 degrees with a weather phenomenon called “frozen fog” and ended 34 degrees.  So many ordinary forms of nature made extraordinary by frost. As I walked, I thought about this quote by … Continue reading

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Footsteps In Solidarity

On Sunday, November 29, 2015, instead of walking the Seattle Half Marathon as I had planned, I will take the route of much easier start-line logistics and no hotel cost, walking 14 miles local to me in solidarity with global events … Continue reading

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