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Find any key to the sacred door. One spreads paste of poppy seed, diced date, slivered almond into pillows of cardamom dough. One mouths verses of dormant languages, birthing shut away pages to light. One baptizes fecund hand crevices, mulches past … Continue reading

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Harmony Today

There were many people around the world out in harmony today for science, and that gives me hope that people like my daughter with a mind at home in complex math and science will have a place in this world. … Continue reading

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Pause Fold into yourself like fresh-washed linen. Place your weight on the ground. Be a stone. Wait. Listen to breath ebb, Flow, ebb, flow. Let ocean of air launder your spirit. Nothing, nowhere to be. Clouds above, Moss below. All … Continue reading

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Recognition Not knowing what to do with so many tears, I walked to the mother of all maples, Planted myself before her great trunk, tilted my head back and looked through time. I spoke a few words to the dark, … Continue reading

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Free Write on an Unwritten Page

The child’s wings are nearly formed. Halfway to 100, I stare at an ocean, a mirror, an unwritten page. I see I have mastered nothing I have been told is necessary. Language of intimate partnership, Fluency in economic excess, Ownership … Continue reading

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Peace, What Is It?

My first retreat for peace generators this weekend was a beautiful gift to myself and others. I will post another event in April to support all those who want to explore the nature of peace and could use a bit of restorative stillness and … Continue reading

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On my morning walk, reflecting on the meaning of the Lunar Year of the Female Firebird, the corner of my eye noticed this beautifully painted rock an artist left in the woods for me to find. It may be a tufted … Continue reading

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