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Puzzle Greatest jigsaw on Earth, Interlocking parts, sum of the great whole, Eight answers to how, what, why, who, where, when, by whom, in what measure will I love? The heart fills bit by bit, bee flower by flower. One … Continue reading

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Everything Is Better

Everything is better with that little voice that tells you you are loved. You are okay. You are enough. I finally am able to hear that voice in my own head. Don’t panic if this makes you think Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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True Power

I listen to voices to earn a living. As anyone knows from being human, some voices are disturbed and eerie, others empowered or inspiring. Some voices tell lies, some truth. With all the current voices around power shifts in worldwide politics … Continue reading

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A Small Cancer Note

To honor being a decade out from living inside the pediatric cancer world, I want to mention a few notes of some happenings in cancer treatment. Image #1:  Preschool class photo. Image #2:  Medicine cabinet two months later, all of which I was … Continue reading

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Three Compassion Words

I see you. These words arose in my mind as I did something out of my comfort zone. I felt a strong presence inside myself that said “I see you” and “I am here for you.” Self compassion in action. It … Continue reading

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The unstoppable spirit of renewal is in you. Trust it.  Learn that it flows through you and all of life. ~ Jack Kornfield Spring has sprung bringing blustery days, aka massive windstorms, and wonderful new neighbors to my hood.  (See … Continue reading

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Learning Compassion

Agree with me or not, your attention is the only attention you really value and need. We think what we want is “out there”, from someone else (some unattainable love from someone who is seeking it from others too) — … Continue reading

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