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What Do The Trees Say?

I would rather listen to trees than politicians. Thank you trees around the world for being there with and for us on climate. Asking if America can be first is not the question. The question is, can we all work … Continue reading

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Embracing The Plant

My relationship with plants goes deep. All humans’ do, but my relationship to plants seems heightened. I learned of this beautiful film I intend to see as soon as possible. The film’s website invites people to submit practices, so I contributed … Continue reading

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Blanket of Cherry Petals

  Trees are some of my best friends. I live and work near a glorious, century-old cherry, the last remaining tree of an ancient orchard. Each year, its petals take flight in spring’s winds and blanket the ground in white teardrops. … Continue reading

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Rainbows and Unicorns (Sort of)

A timely jaunt between torrential April downpours made me think of the phrase “rainbow and unicorns.” I never understood it is a sarcastic phrase to mean cluster of unfortunate events. And then, of course I had to google its linguistic … Continue reading

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Good News

I am pleased to see activities springing up in my corner of the world in this month honoring Earth, so I’m sharing them here. First, a boost for people at the start of human life: Washington State just passed the Pregnant … Continue reading

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Day of Mo(u)rning

  Night terrors shudder you awake before sun. Make your way to the deep half-moonlit woods. Wait for the curtain to be lifted, the switch flipped, Blue-black lightens. All of a sudden, the birds. Follow the trunks of your fellow beings, … Continue reading

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The Trees Will Continue

Trees with their grand sense of time will continue with help of the fungi.  No matter what the results of the US presidential election. This I find enormously comforting. The sun was out and it was my half day off work. … Continue reading

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